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Adream Massage Outcall Service Rates

Our 24 hours outcall Service will fullfill all your wishes
in the privacy of your Bangkok hotel room.
When you are polite, respectful and funny... our ladies take care you very well !

Thai Traditional Massage 2 hours 1200 THB
Bangkok Oil Massage 2 hours 1800 THB
Bangkok Body Massage 2 hours 4000 THB
Nuru Gel Massage 2 hours 4500 THB
Bangkok Soapy Massage 2 hours 4000 THB
Sandwich Massage 2 hours 7000 THB

For our Special Sensual Massage ServiceĀ please request...
08 6990 8060

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Thai Massage originates in India, Bangkok Thai massage techniques is a combination of guided stretching and Meridian pressure techniques with Pranayama breathing. This form of massage was brought to Thailand by Dr Shivago K., in Buddah's time about some 2500 years ago. Pranayama breathing technique is meant for cleansing the body and strengthening ones nervous system. Pranayama breathing is also said to help in boosting the immune system, focusing, concentration,and more efficient oxidation of the blood. So if you want to enjoy a Thai Traditional Massage please contact Adream Massage Outcall service Bangkok. Massage is done on a mat or firm mattress on the floor. The recipient is made to practice yoga-like positions during the massage. At the end of the massage, most recipients find Thai massage very relaxing and refreshing.
Thai massage, with its ancient techniques created from the amalgamation of ayurvedic Indian massage and traditional Chinese massage, is commonly considered one of the world's most therapeutic massage mediums and is reputed to have a number of health benefits besides the immediate relaxing properties that its physical sensations provide.
A traditional Thai massage is taken dry; however, for varied sensation and benefits, oil, soap or special herbs can be used. Oilmassages differ in their approach from those given dry and are perhaps the most relaxing and the closest in techniqueto western massage styles. If you are at all frail or delicate, then an oil or soapy massage is a preferable medium.



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